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IBMYP Algebra II

Download MULTIPLICATION MASH, a program I developed to help students have fun while practicing their basic skills. You must have Microsoft Excel to open the program. When prompted, choose "Enable Macros" while the file is opening. Have fun.

9/30/03: I just updated again. A couple of quirks have been worked out.


I've just completed a stand-alone version that does not require that you have Microsoft Excel on your computer. You can download it below. It's a 5 mb zipped file so it could take a while if you are still dialing up to connect to the internet. You'll have to unzip it first, then run SETUP.EXE. Alternatively, if you're a student at West Boylston High School, come by my classroom and sign out an install CD.

10/3/03: I just updated the program with a couple of quirks fixed. It now allows you to print your scores so that you can show it to your teacher.

MULTIPLICATION MASH (5 mb zipped file)